Our members consist of dedicated women who meet during the year from September to June. Our meetings are planned around an array of guest speakers with informational topics of interest to our members and the community, The Branch is involved in National and State programming with annual contributions to the Educational Foundation, the Legal Advocacy Fund and STEM programs. Scholarships are annually awarded to women furthering their college education.


Elected Officers

President                                       Sharon Suber
Program Vice Presidents          Eileen Bigge & Gaylor Simons
Membership Vice President     Jasmine Davis
Secretary                                       Joanne Mason
Treasurer                                      May Diehl
Assistant Treasurer                   Gloria Martinez

Appointed Officers

AAUW Funds                                Eileen Bigge
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion   Edwina Sessons
Public Policy                                 Stephanie Nock


Scholarship                                    *Elizabeth Price, Sharon Gardner, & Gloria Martinez
Book & Author Program             *Sharon Suber, Lois Aaronson, Sharon Gardner                                                                                          & Gloria Martinez, Eileen Bigge
Fundraising                                   Gloria Martinez (Boscov’s), May Diehl (Shoprite),                                                                                       Sharon Gardner (50/50) & Bobbie Jannen
Teentech/Tween Tech                 *Elizabeth Price, Jacqueline McGuinness, Jasmine Davis,                                                                         Noemi Mendez,  Barbara (Bobbi) Jannen                                                                                                     Member at RCBC: Taziah Kenney
Tech Trek                                        Jasmine Davis & Stephanie Nock
Social Amenities                            Elizabeth Springer
Hospitality                                     Gaylor Simons & Sharon Gardner
Directory                                        Jasmine Davis
Website                                          Sharon Suber
Facebook                                       Jasmine Davis
Bylaws                                            Edwina Sessons & Eileen Bigge                                                            *Chair

Members that hold State Positions:
Sharon Suber – President
Edwina Sessons – Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Jacqueline McGuinness – Volunteer Coordinator, Tech Trek Leadership Team

Member that hold a National Position:
Sharon Suber  –  Advancement Committee Representative

The Five-Star Recognition Program acknowledges the work of AAUW states, branches and other affiliates for aligning their work with the AAUW strategic plan and other initiatives that foster the organization’s mission of advancing gender equity for women and girls.

2021 – 2022 Burlington County Branch was a TWO-STAR WINNER for Programs, Communications & External Relations

Past Presidents of the Branch